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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 2, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we got them, "right this minute." >> a mountain biker has his eyes on the trail. >> then he notices something. >> what it was that stopped him dead in his tracks. >> a bride a grand entrance high on a crane. >> very elaborate. >> why it also turned out to be very dangerous. >> it seemed impossible to rescue a cat trapped under a ferry until this. >> you're about to see the human boat. >> how a crewman backstroked her
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right back to shore. >> and a prankster tells shoppers he's scanning their credit information. >> okay, no. >> you can't stop. >> scanning me. >> what happens when a fake device gets a very real reaction. >> what's up? >> how are you doing, bro? >> this looks like a nice relaxing mountain bike ride through the woods in jasper, alberta, canada. this is brad, riding with his cousin dan. he uploaded this video last august. it is just now catching fire. he pedals to the top of the mountains. brakes skw brakes squeak a little bit and then he notices something. that is crazy. did you see that? >> that was a very big bear coming right at him. >> charging at him. >> the grizzly bear sal, a female, with a cub. >> oh. >> angry mama. don't want to get in the path of an angry mama.
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>> super dangerous. so brad yells to his cousin, dan. thankfully they are prepared for such an encounter. but now brad is down off the trail, can't see his cousin, can't see the bear. what does he do? he skirts along the gully here a little bit, work his waycousin, sight of the bear and the cub still around. this bear is aggressive. cousin dan was able to get his bear spray out before the bear charged any closer. thankfully the guys did not need to injure the bear or the cub. eventually both worked their way back up the hill. see them off in the distance there. they got back in the trail, walked away from the bear and got out of there safely. >> we're seeing that bear coming right at you -- >> at the beginning. >> yeah. >> and a clear path right to him. brad said he heard his brakes
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squeak and then a growl. he looked right. and noticed that bear charging right at him. lots of people like to go all out for their wedding, do something really special. this didn't go exactly as planned. this is in india. what you're seeing is a 40 feet long hydraulic crane lowering down the diamond crystal looking structure. this was how the bride and her sister were going to sort of enter the wedding reception. very elaborate, very expensive too. you mean they're inside of that. >> they're in there. >> this is like a bad idea. as they start to lower, the thing gets lower and lower and lower. and eventually you see the crane gives way. no word on what caused this. could be just a weight type of thing, but sadly a 40-year-old man was killed in this. you see the crane land on people down there on the ground.
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it was near to the location where the bride was going to get out of the platform. they apparently fell out. four others injured in this. >> was the bride and her sister seriously injured? >> they deposit saidn't say. i can't imagine it felt great because they fell out of the thing. this is aftermath video here from a news station tv 9 in india. you see the crane toppled over. you can see where the bride and her sister may have fallen out of this thing. >> how heart breaking for the couple, for the family. this was supposed to be a celebration, joyous occasion. for something like this to take place, how do you ever get over that emotionally. >> you can't. i don't know how the night goes on. >> a bizarre taste of road rage captured by bus cameras in china. apparently this car right here who just made a very slow right-hand turn on to thisoad
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didn't realize this was a bus lane or maybe did but didn't want to travel with the other traffic. maybe this guy was confused. that does not make this bus driver very happy. the bus driver starts honking on his horn, blowing his horn so angry that this guy is in his bus lane. that makes this guy in the car angry. he slams on the brakes and he starts cursing at this bus driver. you see him there hanging out of the window. then you actually see him get out of his car and according to reports at this moment in the video, he came up to the bus and started kicking the bus. then this man, this driver gets back into his car and begins to drive away, so you think this is probably over. but watch this strange bizarre move. there are people there, and that's not just a few people. this is busy. this guy evidently can't get over his own rage because a little later in the video, this car reappears as the bus driver tries to pull around this car to
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try to get out of this situation, the car continues to cut the bus off until eventually this happens. it is absolutely bizarre. the guy inside the car is so angry that he's decided to take his rage inside the bus. this gets ridiculous and it gets violent. >> why? why would you open the door? >> the bus driver gets out, tries to fight this guy off, but he can't. the guy has a cigarette, the guy is the driver of the car. he stays in the bus too. just casually playing with his phone, just hanging out as if none of this had happened. the bus driver ended up according to reports having to go to a hospital. he had head injuries, cuts above his eye, bruises, swelling and now the bus driver is saying he suffered headaches and dizziness and police have gotten involved.
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>> kellan is a swedish sailor. he work on the hs scotlandia two. he heard something underneath the ferry. somebody has to go down there and rescue it. we got this video from juken. what could it possibly be that needs to be rescued from a ferryboat? is it a cat? >> it is a cat. >> this is our first ferry rescue for a cat. >> seems counterintuitive that a cat would end up under a boat. you're supposed to hate water, most cats. >> which makes it weirder that you guessedcat. what made you think a a boat? >> we have seen a lot of cat rescues. his fellow crew men has the whole uniform on, backstroke, butterfly, to swim underneath the ferry and you can start hearing the cat. this is also one of the most interesting cat rescues on this show because you're about to see the human moat. >> this will be sweet. >> yeah. cat ride on the belly. here he has grabbed the cat. the cat is pretty much agreeable
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as he's holding pretty good hold of him. that's a big cat. big cat. making some big noises. >> that's sweet. >> didn't want to get the cat wet. >> like two cats. >> he has the cat by the lake so the cat doesn't jump off. i love how he gets the cat back on land. >> after all that care. >> tosses it out there. a beautiful feline and now back on land. a high school senior nails the shot in -- >> final game of his basketball career. >> now the star and his dad reveal how a rival player helped him pull it off. >> special for them, special for me. >> a driver spinning his wheels just gets madder and madder. see why one man's anger is another man's amusement. [clucking].
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this is one of best finishes in any sports game that you'll ever see. oklahoma basketball, final minute of the game between guyman and woodworth. guyman is losing. the ball goes to this guy in the corner shooting the three.
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that's brighton aubrey. that's the guy from the other team, from woodworth high school. gets the rebound. passes back to number 52. nails the three with about ten seconds left. you notice there, the guy on the other team passed him the ball. >> are they friendly rivals a? saying get the most points before the game is over. >> not about the game or the score. more about aubrey. this was the final game of his basketball career. this was senior night. his dad mark told me brighton was born with physical issues. he had to go to therapy until he was 3. took him a long time to walk and sometimes his endurance isn't up there with other guys on the team. and brighton's dad said he played for six years, trained as hard as everyone else. watch the guys from woodworth high school, watch that kid. they're cheering, jumping up and
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down. this is grandma willdust. she's clapping. it is great. >> great. >> we have brighton and his dad mark. what did that feel like? >> it felt amazing. cheering for my team, it is special for them, special for me. i consider them as my family, my second family and it is just really special that they were there for me and supporting me there no what thor what. >> how did you feel about this moment? how did that make you feel as a parent. >> the thing that impressed me the most was the opposing team. once that kid realized that was happening, he just threw the ball to him. i won't even mention his name. >> he is from woodworth and his name is eddie salazar. >> we're proud of him too.
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>> some of our producers back here, they want to know if you have a girlfriend. >> well, no. but they like me but they just won't admit it. >> we're proud of shooti threes. >> thank you so much. when you see this video, you're going to want to go out in the street and pat this guy on the back and say, dude, chill out. [ bleep ]. >> he's not happy. >> he's got a guy on a snowy road. he's got a very nice looks like a jeep out there, kind of stuck in the snow. he's kicking the snow around the tires, trying to clear a path for his jeep. but this video goes on and on. and this man just gets madder and madder until he's got like flames shooting out of his ears.
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you hear the tires spinning and the engine just grinding. >> he's thinking to himself, i spent nearly 50 grand on this jeep, it has four wheel drive and i'm still not going anywhere. >> better for him to be mad at himself and the car in the snow than others. >> oh, he gets mad at others. >> [ bleep ] you. >> at this point, he's so frustrated as he's trying to roll out of the snow that he almost rolls out of the car. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> people driving by. nobody trying to give this guy a push. bring him some kitty litter or somethi
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something. >> finally he's out. >> good samaritans try to save a little boy stuck five stories up. >> hanging by his arms. >> what happened when rescuers had to resort to desperate measures. a simple solution to revive your fast food leftovers. all you need is a -- waffle iron.
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you're history.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. logon to, stay in touch all day long. now back to the show.designed t safety feature on tall buildings, but these are near death experiences for children in china. this little boy hanging by his arms from this steel cage that protects windows. looks like the boy slipped out the window and then fell through the bars that just aren't close enough to keep his little body from falling through. >> he is high up. look at that. >> five stories up in the air. some neighbors below have gone out their window, there for half an hour before rescuers were able to show up. and you got to think there is like four people hanging on this thing now. who knows if it is going to give
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way. >> also, think about the bars that are probably jamming into his poor little body. probably can't even breathe. >> when rescuers did show up, they couldn't get not apartment because no one was home. they had to cut the door open with the giant cutting tool before they could get to the balcony. now they have to cut away the bars that are pinning him in there. he's a little trouper. he's not crying. doesn't seem to be terribly upset. they cut the bars away and sently lift this boy to safety. not the first time we have seen something like this. >> we have seen it too many times. this undoubtedly one of the tools i think we're all going to wish we had when we were in college. a waffle iron. you can use it to revolve all kinds of fast food. the guys put this to a test. showing all kinds of tricks. let's start this with a pizza.
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>> i don't want a whole pizza. >> microwave is lame. >> i did see on the internet wafflemaker.a pizza up >> make it a delicious little waffle shaped pizza sandwich. >> so delicious. you have to fold it over on itself. put it in the waffle iron and wait a few minutes and when it comes back out, it is all kinds of deliciousness. that does look pretty good. way better that be the microwave pizza things. >> really good. >> this is crispy, yummy, greasy, burnt cheese and crust kind of yumminess. >> let's try the fast food burger. >> a fast food burger a day old is nasty no matter what. >> i agree. but they revived it. look. >> that cleaned up really nice. >> yeah. >> looks like a patty melt now. this isn't just for the college kids. i think any of us could use
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these tricks in our kitchen today. >> i don't know how many college kids are leaving that much fast food behind, though. you buy it, it gets ate. >> a prankster heads to target to make people think he's an identity thief. >> i justify got the credit card information. >> and people believe. >> see what happens when he pushes the wrong pin. [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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[tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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women of america, i'm about to save you a ton of money. the lipstick, it costs you like $15. i'll show you a way to do it yourself, making lipstick from crayons. >> it is really easy to make. >> her name is connie. this is her channel. she has a do it yourself video that shows you how to make your own lipstick. >> how does it work? because crayens are hard. >> melt them down, mix them with coconut oil and vaseline. you need a pot, tall glass jar, and the crayon colors you want to use. put in the coconut oil, the vaseline. take the wrapper off the crayon and breaks it up. it is easier to melt. put it in there and watch it melt. she pours it in that little container. get it in the fridge to get it to set. >> looks like regular lipstick. >> i appreciate what she's doing because this could save you
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hundreds of dollars a year. dog love fine dining. people have even more reason to be hyper aware about their credit card information. and people stealing your credit card information. after the whole target thing. more than 100 million people had some of their information stolen. model pranksters, this dude here, he downloaded a scanning sound to his phone. and then hooked up a hard drive. and starts walking around and asking people outside of a
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target. >> you have a wallet in there right? i just got the credit card information. >> i want you to reverse it. >> why? >> this should be illegal. >> some people might be a little more angry. >> back pocket, right? yeah, right here. get that. this dude is a little skeptical at first. >> i got your credit card. also the name on it. >> okay, so what do you have? >> a new app. >> if you were stealing somebody's information, why would you then immediately tell -- the whole point of hacking is to remain anonymous. >> people are believing him. >> you can't stop. >> this dude here, i guyett is kind of confused. you got a wallet on you with a credit card. we got a new app. it is really cool. you don't mind if i use it, do you? you have a lot ofmo >> why would i do that the? >> this guy might have the best answer.
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>> you have something in you pocket? >> yes, a badge. >> you get people's identity? >> yeah. the biggest mistake the people made, screaming this guy's year. >> victor, i have the credit card and the whole thing. i got victor and the whole thing. now, according to the guy from -- he said he was being assaulted. but i think he might deserve it if you get assaulted for doing a prank like this. >> that's it for us here at "rtm." we'll see you next time, everybody. eat music playing)
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welcome to beautiful and very snowy vail, colorado. i'm tim ryan and joined here by some of the greatest athletes in the history of ski racing. and they're all here for one reason, the thrills and spills of the 31st annual korbel american ski classic.


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